Founder – Carl R. Lindenmeyer

Carl R. Lindenmeyer

Founder Emeritus (1937-2002)

Clemson Consulting Clearinghouse Corporation

C-FOUR Jan 29, 2005
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Carl Ray Lindenmeyer

Carl R. Lindenmeyer's Insights

"You cannot manage what you do not measure"

"Necessity is the mother of invention. You've always heard. That is so true."

Creativity can't be measured like a barrel of oil, but Creativity is just as important to fuel America's continued industrial growth."

"You can train someone to memorize formulas or learn where to go in a handbook for answers, but the real world problems don't always fit the formulas."

Prize creativity in employees, do not stifle.  Give employees and students the chance to work with creative individuals.  paraphrased

"Passion means working hard as hell to know your chosen vocation better than anyone else.  But that’s not enough.  You, then, must inspirationally “pass it on” and teach others with vigor, force, and opinion.  Then you’re passionate about something” 

Carl R. Lindenmeyer's Story

Clemson University Professor Emeritus Carl R. Lindenmeyer, BSIE, MSIE, Ph.D. (ABD) founded Clemson Consulting Clearinghouse Corporation in 1978.  A native of Peru, Illinois, and son of Ray and Ada Knudson Lindenmeyer, Carl was a creative problem-solving entrepreneur from the earliest of ages.

A graduate of Northwestern University (BSIE), Carl received his master's degree from Western Michigan (MSIE) and did postgraduate work at Michigan State (Ph.D. ABD). He was president of the Upstate Industrial Engineering Society, was a lifetime member and adviser of Lambda Chi Alpha of Clemson.

At his death of 65 years of age on Sunday morning, Sept. 15, 2002, he was a candidate for SC State House District 3. He was a faithful member of Higher Ground Family Worship Center in Central, South Carolina.

His wife, Karen Lauer Lindenmeyer, survived 19 years after his death remaining in Clemson and serving Fort Hill Presbyterian Church as a Deacon. Karen joined Carl passing on Feb 9th, 2022.  Their sons, Lieutenant Colonel Vic Lindenmeyer, USA (Ret.) of Tampa, Colonel Vincent Ray Lindenmeyer, Ph.D., USA (Ret.) of Omaha, Nebraska,  and Brian Carl Lindenmeyer, BSIE, of Phoenix, Arizona, survive along with Carl's sister, the Rev. Ruth Billington of Ft. Collins, Colorado; Karen's sister, Jenny Lauer Bevington, and six grandchildren, Mitchell, Victoria, Steven, Carly, Luke, and Emma.

Carl R. Lindenmeyer's Legacy

Clemson University Foundation - Karen and Carl R. Lindenmeyer Endowment

Established by Karen and Carl R. Lindenmeyer, this endowment supports the Lindenmeyer Leadership and Public Service award.

Lindenmeyer Leadership and Public Service Award

This award recognizes a senior industrial engineering student for leadership in professional and honor societies, and for their strong character and integrity. The award recipient is selected by a faculty committee.

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